Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Problems With My 1997 Golf CL

Here is a list of all the things wrong with my 1997 Golf CL that I can remember:

1. The right signal light does not flash when the brakes are applied. This problem has come and gone many times – I have had it fixed four times in the past. The most recent return had the signal inoperative for about 2 weeks, it then mysteriously returned to working condition for about 4 days, and now it is an intermittent problem.

2. The interior lighting does not work at all, except for the dashboard. Either the power to the stereo or the stereo itself is defective, because the LCD does not light up anymore—once the problem came and then “healed” itself, but it is now back permanently. The people that fixed my signal lights last time caused this problem.

3. The alarm system is fried and disconnected after the alarm would not shut off one day.

4. The power door locks have no power. This happened immediately after problem 3 occurred.

5. The lighter does not work. It blew a couple of days after I put a little electric heater fan in the car to defrost the windshield, due to problem 6.

6. The heater-blower blew in the middle of an Ottawa winter, so I could not heat the car, or defrost the windshield. This was fixed—the mechanic showed me the shorted out heater-blower fan. It did not look good.

7. The brakes are squealing like pigs. They always squealed enough for me to get them checked out a couple of times, but apparently, they were fine. Now, they definitely are not fine.

8. The rear passenger-side shocks are going. Evident by the wear in some rubber that falling off it. I am not sure if it is really a problem or not yet.

9. The transmission has a gaping hole in it. Someone removed the cap. I bought a new one the other day, finally, but I can’t get the damn thing on.

10. The air intake is not properly in place and sealed against the body of the car, causing fumes from the engine compartment to enter the passenger compartment. I managed to squeeze it closer, but fumes from the burning transmission fluid that shoots up and sprays through the hole when I downshift to 1st gear chokes me up badly.

11. I think the power steering is going … it’s getting all “shaky” and squeaks a lot.

So, I just took it in to the Volkswagen dealership down on Hunt Club Rd. this morning. I can't wait to see the bill. :-(


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